07 Desember, 2010


What is Neobux? Neobux is simply the most TRUSTED PTC site... You can get 0.01$ for every advertisement link you click, and 0.005$ for every advertisement link clicked by your referral... Can't get any referral? Don't worry... Neobux have rented referral system. That means you could rent a referral for only a few $. Neobux is really great... I already got 2.5$ that they have transferred to my paypal account. The payment is really simple. When you're already reached the minimum payout ( for the first payout it's 2.5$ ) you could easily request a payment. My payment was received in my paypal account a few hours after I requested it. It's really fast.
Interested in joining Neobux? Click on the picture below....

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