26 Juni, 2011


This time I will show you another amazing PTC site with only $1 minimum cashout.
It's the Incentria.. some of you may already heard it, or even already became a member of Incentria.

Incentria, just like any other PTC website, pays you for clicking ads in their site. The payment are around $0.001 - $0.002.
But that's not all... Incentria also had the "Traffic Exchange" and "Complete Offers" option.

The traffic exchange allows you to exchange traffic to your site between Incentria users and it's totally free. The only thing you need to pay is a exchange traffic credits, and it can only be earned by visiting other people traffic exchange site.

The complete offers allows you to complete offers that are available in Incentria for money. The pays usually from $0.1 - $0.4. The only kind of offer available is a sign-up offers, where you must sign-up to a site instructed in the offers and the cash will be yours. Usually take 1 to 4 days to be approved though.

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13 Desember, 2010

Make Money On Facebook With EasyCash

I have just founded this amazing application on facebook...
It's called EasyCash... with this you could make a money by completing offers in facebook. Payment is made monthly, and by using Paypal. Interested?

click on this link

08 Desember, 2010

Free Gifts From Xpango

Ever wanted to have the latest iPhone 4? Or do you really wanted to get yourself a XBOX 360 and Playstation 3? Or do you want an iPod? You can get them all FOR FREE.
Xpango can give you all of that for free... What you need to do after joining is just complete some offer. There are many offer available, some are free and some does cost money. After each offer you've completed, you'll get a credit. How much the credits depends on the offer. The rewards vary between 1 - 4 credits. But you'll only need around 25 credits to win a XBOX 360, or a Playstation 3 and 47 for a iPhone 4. That means you could have earned your Playstation 3 or XBOX 360 by only completing 25 offers or less and you could get them for FREE if you only do the free offers. There are many more free gifts that you could choose... including Blackberry, LCD TV, MP3 player, and many more.
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07 Desember, 2010


What is Neobux? Neobux is simply the most TRUSTED PTC site... You can get 0.01$ for every advertisement link you click, and 0.005$ for every advertisement link clicked by your referral... Can't get any referral? Don't worry... Neobux have rented referral system. That means you could rent a referral for only a few $. Neobux is really great... I already got 2.5$ that they have transferred to my paypal account. The payment is really simple. When you're already reached the minimum payout ( for the first payout it's 2.5$ ) you could easily request a payment. My payment was received in my paypal account a few hours after I requested it. It's really fast.
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What is PTC?

PTC stands for Pay To Click. It means that the company will pay you for every advertisement link you click. Usually you get paid around 0.01$ - 0.05$.


Do you want to get money just for sharing links? then adf.ly is the best choice out there....
you can get an easy money every time people click on your shortened links by using adf.ly

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